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Information, Knowledge, Services, Events, Shopping Galleries, Learning and Social Relationships from our Empowered Lifestyles and Community Grid Platform.  Access our grid site content map here.
About Conscious Flow
Information, Coaching, Transpersonal Learning and Social Relationships for our Empowered Lifestyles
Empower Life and Wellness
Personal Life Consciousness – Empowered Transformation and Living. From wellness, nutrition, relaxation, healthy life styles, spa and therapies, recreation, sports, creative, hobbies, travel – it’s the whole of your life…
Local Flow Magazine Blog
Access the ancient mysteries of the Dewi Goddess via Vivienne Tobassa and her Spiritual and Cosmological projects in books, film, workshops, talks and other media.
D'Viyana Etherea
Access realms of spiritual consciousness through Sacred Heritage Traditions, S’Ati Blog, Clairvoyant and Supernatural Healing, Insight, Knowledge towards empowering “the way” – with Dewi Vijayana and Other Spiritual Elders, Lineage Keepers and Knowledge Mentors.
S'Ati Consciousness
Online Learning Platform and locally organized workshops, seminars, social development ventures, traditional and community culture courses – linked up to our members platform, events and relationships
i-Learn Platform
Browse and purchase online ranges of products and artisan cultural galleries. Watch our online theatre, or just locate suppliers and service providers in our directories – find the galleries, arts, culture and “things”…
BaliFlow Village Market
Our Events are managed through the iKembali Group or self managed by our members. Receive the regular “The Local Flow” Club magazine and Facebook, Twitter, Instagram event broadcasts on your behalf
iKembali Events
Local Flow Members Club (free to join) featuring benefits, promotions and discounts specifically to support our business and professional services, products and community life culture, events, attractions and general whats on
Flow Membership Info

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