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      Many of our members also make and sell wonderful products or have services and venues to showcase. We feature these on our Youtube show and this is the place to review and interact.
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      For those interested in the healthy lifestyle approach. Please note: for legal and reasons we do not offer specialist medical health advice. All content in this group is for information purposes and good practice guidance only. It is up to you to research and decide your personal wellbeing and we recommend you seek the advice of the appropriate, qualified practitioner to do so. Holistic approaches to wellness require individual planning and solutions tailored to your specific physiology and needs. There is no 'blanket cure' or 'treatment' for specific conditions in alternative healing. You may suffer other conditions, allergies, or factors that lead to contraindications of even commonly used 'remedies'. Professional practitioners are trained and qualified to consider holistic treatment in conjunction with your doctor, integrative medical specialist, or another suitably qualified person. Anyone who does not hold the relevant professional liability is requested to refrain from giving seeming authority advice to other group members. In doing so you become personally liable under duty of care for the advice you deliver – not conscious flow or its other members.
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