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Empowering Consciousness

We’ve established a creative space and advisory to feature, inform, educate and expand awareness of conscious living.  
We align with wholistic well being, sustainability, culture and aspirational spirituality.  

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Conscious Collaboration

Our Story

Conscious Flow first formed in Glastonbury UK 1997 after establishing our Hawaiian, European and International networks.  In 1998 we progressed our global Indigenous, our African and Asian relations.  In 2008 we operated from Blue Mountains of Sydney—moving to Western Australia.  In 2010 we established Conscious Flow in Ubud Bali as programs within our charitable sustainable development in South East Asia, where we also served United Nations in advisory. We extended into India and the Himalayas the same year.  In 2017 we adapted the cultural transformation and learning model of Conscious Flow to New Zealand.  In 2020 we incorporated the Flow Trust registered charity—to further aims of raising conscious awareness, supporting professional, personal and spiritual transformation—aligning with whole systems and Nature’s biosphere of integral sustainability.

Our “breadcrumb trail” and journey through the decades has found homes and solace with others communing in Nature—within Spiritual, personal development and cultural arts communities. Today our niche is not so “alternative”.  A global call for raising awareness and self-love; to live peacefully, harmoniously and sustainably, has become critical to survival.  We utilise our vast wealth of cultural interactive experience in Natural living. We combine a timely mix of professional, academic and creative expertise, deep arcane Spiritual cosmology and tribal lineages.  We possess a genuine desire to continue service to our Mother Earth and the Divine Cosmos that wraps us with her cloak of stars.  We are of the waters of life and in the natural flow.  

We have formed skilled practitioner networks to help you to find personal development and conscious empowerment, update you with our contemporary knowledge and a wealth of cultural traditions—people, places and planet.

And if you’re ready to give back sustainably, or you need support to empower and transform your life forward—visit our Flow Trust for giving and gratitude receiving options.  We aspire to make personal growth and conscious sustainability accessible to all people.  Our relations in this world now profoundly impact the health and wellbeing of our entire global ecosystem—in an era now described as the Anthropocene.  

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Flow Trust

Registered Charity

Founded towards living abundantly in sustainable PEACE.  Assisting disadvantaged individuals and worthy projects towards wholistic transformation.  

We established our charitable Trust with the knowledge that, the cost of personal development, wholistic and complementary therapies is out of reach for many people who need it most.  We’ve developed and adapted programs to support disadvantaged groups.  We’re also working towards a special fund, that will subsidise individuals who are economically restricted to receive a full range of professional services.

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We support the preservation of Indigenous and Traditional Heritage values. Our impact is developmental learning and awareness—that is interactive and where possible integrated in spatial environments, ecosystems. We immerse in “Creative Economy” where Arts and expressive culture are integral to spiritual and environmentally sustainable lifestyle experiences.

Find your silver lining

Flow with us

In our community you’ll find access to a whole range of breakthrough change tools and techniques, supportive people and upscaling knowledge to learn more, develop and empower an abundant joyful future.  At the same time, you are contributing to a culture that seeks to sustainably support whole systems and Natural harmony in living.  Join My Flow Club for free and empower your personal and professional actions forward.

Dewi Vivyana

Conscious Mentor and Change enabler

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Our conscious community flow….

practitioners and coaches A-Z

Find professionals who will help you to learn, change, heal trauma, improve nutrition, reduce stress, promote wellbeing and achieve new goals in life—either online or in our location directories.  Browse our comprehensive range of practitioner modalities and services.  

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local experiences and online events

Creativity in culture is at the core of our community and the things we do.  Find out what is happening in the conscious lifestyles and wellness sector, Arts, Music and Eco-sustainability activities.  Find Yoga, Spiritual centres and cultural events with regular activities.

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people with insights broadcasts and blog

Listen, watch and absorb the podcasts and video broadcast interviews My Flow Club conducts with icons in our conscious community. Interviews, music and film segments may cover any element of culture, heritage, environment and personal development.  

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ways to transcend
— get supported

When general awareness is not enough or purely a stepping stone to greater, embodied wisdom.  For consciousness, sustainability and transformative personal development—seek out our community feature mentors; enrol in learning, workshops and use our member tools.

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live sustainably

In our current climate change environment, most of us are well aware of the need to go “green” with our lifestyle choices.  

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explore Culture

Creativity is considered to be the new frontier of society.  As we embrace technology and AI reduction in job opportunities—creative expression calls.

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discover places

Every location on our planet has unique features of interest and elements of conscious practice are evidenced when viewed through this lens.

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expand networks

When every raindrop unites in harmony, an ocean forms. When every human unites and shares unique wisdom, we form conscious flow. 

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My Flow Club

Let our experience be your guide

My Flow Club is the members network of our Conscious Collaboration.  You may join for free to gain access to a wealth of additional learning, media, development tools and other features, benefits and special promotions as they are offered.  There are also opportunities to advertise and contribute.

In My Flow Club are also conscious coach-mentors, therapists, counsellors, Spiritual teachers, wellness practitioners, Creatives, social-developers, educators, Indigenous, Arts and Lifestyle representatives, eco-sustainable and heritage producers.  Find people from all walks of life who provide value assistance in changing lives. Live in sustainable harmony with greater spiritual awareness.

Visit our community and join My Flow Club to get started collaborating with like minded others.  Choose unity, to rise up in life vibrations towards a better world and individual freedom.

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Our Feature Mentors

Our Feature Mentors are managers and major contributors to Conscious Flow 

Karin Burrows

Editorial Partner

Reena Juana

Contributions Partner

Paul Hoff

Co-Managing Partner

Louise Andre

Features Partner

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Our Clients Say…

Finding clarity, healing trauma, developing myself personally and professionally has suddenly become easier – with wisdom, tools and network support all to be found easily from one online source.

Thanks to the Conscious Flow Mentors in Solving a Difficult Problem!

I got to a point in my life where certain patterns I thought of as negative just kept repeating over and over.  I was stuck, couldn’t get enough emotional distance to know how to break the cycle of poor health, debt and relationship misery.  At that low point I reached out to a Conscious Flow mentor who helped me to identify what was going down, came from my childhood—a belief system recording that got triggered.  I gained new clarity, released non-serving attachments, set new life goals and now I’m free sailing.

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